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Finnish education has a long tradition of creating excellent results in learning in an international scale. Key factors in the success are the high quality of teacher training and teachers’ high professional competence in Finland. In addition to academic development, teachers with strong pedagogical skills and up-to-date teaching methodology can effectively support the development of children in their cognitive, creative and artistic skills. For example, artistic and practical subjects and physical education are an essential part of the Finnish curriculum. Similarly, different pedagogical approaches and methods such as phenomenon based learning or use of ICT in education support children to learn.

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School Establishing 

By partnering with us academically, we can collaborate to establish distinctive pre-K to grade 12 International Finnish Schools that combine the effective aspects of Finnish education with top international approaches.

We offer clear frameworks for establishing routines and structures, enhancing professional knowledge, and implementing practical teaching methods.

Our services cover initial planning and needs assessment, curriculum development and resource allocation, as well as staff recruitment and training.


Existing School

If you currently operate a school and are keen on enhancing specific areas rather than adopting the complete International Finnish Schools model, we provide customized solutions to elevate your learning community's distinction regardless of the academic curriculum in place.

Our assistance aims at achieving outstanding learning outcomes and establishing a forward-thinking school environment. Every step we take is rooted in the Finnish best practices, and we guide you every step of the way.


Capacity Building

The school staff are not only teachers, but we pay a special attention to the management personnel as a successful school requires an excellent administration to make sure that the teaching process goes smoothly and effectively.

ADM has a special programme to train school professional administrative team to ensure the quality of the school day.


Teachers training

Embrace a "Finntastic" approach to stand out and make your teaching exceptional. Our guidance focuses on incorporating the best practices from Finland to help you achieve remarkable teaching outcomes and create an innovative learning environment.

We provide support throughout the journey to ensure your success. “Finntastic” is a holistic teachers’ training programme that aims at filling the gaps between theories and practices in the classrooms, implement the best Finnish teaching methods and transform the classroom into an interactive environment where students are the main focus.


Curriculum Development

ADM experts carry out work to enrich the curriculum offering pedagogical expertise in course sequences and for instance, course description, essential knowledge, objectives, outlines, learning and teaching approaches and methods, assessments, references, and suggestions for teaching materials.

Such work can be applied to any existing curriculum to enrich it and make it easier to implement using the best Finnish pedagogical approaches.


Vocational Education

ADM offers Finnish professional certifications that empower students with valued skills essential for the workforce. These certifications focus on entrepreneurship to enhance students' entrepreneurial capabilities. They incorporate company placements or internships to facilitate a smooth transition to the job market, providing opportunities for occupational growth within the workplace.

The certificates can be a full Finnish Diploma, a certificate of Competence or a certificate of Attendance.


Educational Trips

Discover the Finnish educational system firsthand! Our educational travel programmes cater to all education professionals interested in experiencing the excellence of Finnish schools.

For students, we offer two camps designed around Finnish pedagogical approaches.

In our Innovation trips, visiting educators have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Finnish educational setting, witnessing the implementation of pedagogical solutions in Finnish schools and early childhood education centers.

These trips feature practical workshops where participants can reflect on their learnings and begin applying them to their own practices. These trips are organised for both teachers and management personnel in primary and secondary education, as well as early childhood education and care.


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